Ooks' Recruitment Information

NAIT's Athletic Program is committed to recruiting the best possible athletes and providing a supportive atmosphere where they can achieve both academic and athletic success.

Tell us all about yourself - if you're interested in trying out for a team, please contact each coach directly.

Why choose NAIT Athletics?

  • NAIT was a charter member of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Association (ACAC) and is nationally ranked as one of the top ten college athletic programs in Canada.
  • A highly qualified coaching staff and a program that emphasizes the overall academic and athletic development of their student-athletes.
  • Student-based funding for the Athletics program provides a diversified athletic program offering the greatest number of intercollegiate teams in the ACAC.
  • The NAIT Ooks Hockey program was recognized by the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association as "the best hockey program in Canada over the past 25 years".

How to tryout for a team

If you're interested in trying out for a team, you're encouraged to make contact with our coaching staff as early as possible. Coaches will be able to provide information regarding ID camps, available scholarships and tryouts. Students are encouraged to apply for their program as early as January for acceptance for the fall semester.

Scholarships & bursaries available for student-athletes

The NAIT Athletic Program provides over $422,000.00 in annual scholarships for student-athletes. This is made possible through funding from the provincial government, the Ooks Athletic Association, the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, the Edmonton Oil Kings Foundation and a number of private donors.

See a complete list of the scholarships and bursaries available to student-athletes.